Memorial Day Mini-Road Trip

This weekend started on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and has been going strong ever since!  We went on a mini-road trip to celebrate H’s birthday, and came home a little early today because tomorrow is a pretty big day:  H and I are going to be helping one of our VERY BEST friends paint the house that she JUST CLOSED ON last week.  How weirdly cool is it when your friends buy homes?  We’re really growing up, now, aren’t we?

Eggs with border

We started off Friday morning with soft-boiled eggs and toast, because it was H’s birthday and H loves runny yolks.  I just started making soft-boiled eggs — we’d always poached before — and it is so much easier and superior to poaching.  You just boil a pot of water, pop your eggs in for 5-6 minutes, peel and eat over toast.  That’s it.  No water-spinning or finger-crossing required.

We packed up the car and headed a few hours north to Philadelphia, PA.  Home of Ben Franklin and America.  Or so they say.  Mostly, we saw a lot of rain and the new Star Trek movie.  But — can we just talk for one second about the wonders of the Reading Terminal Market?  It was fantastic.  The Market is a giant warehouse-type building the size of a couple blocks and full of delicious things.  We ate lunch at Dinic’s (roast pork, provolone, and broccoli rabe sandwiches) and split a cup of Basset’s ice cream.

By far my favorite part of Philadelphia was The Tubby Olive oil and vinegar shop.  There were dozens of flavored vinegars and olive oils that you could taste in-house.  They even had little tasting spoons like at Baskin’ Robbins.  We tasted a ton of balsamic vinegars, discussed our favorite flavors (white peach? black cherry?  espresso?), and settled on the fig balsamic, which is one of their most popular varieties.  When you check out, they wrap your bottles in paper and include a recipe sheet designed for that flavor of vinegar/oil.  Cute, right?

2013-05-026We had a nice dinner at a restaurant that somehow specialized in wine and beer and cheese (our three favorite things!) and since it was so gross and rainy, we grabbed our jackets and walked to the movies.  The theater was dry and warm , so it rounded our evening out well.

This morning we had breakfast at a cute diner and then headed toward Atlantic City for part two of H’s birthday adventure.  It had stopped raining, but the bathing suit I optimistically packed did not make it into the Atlantic Ocean since it was a just a high of 71 . . . I stayed in my jeans and jacket all day.  Happy “summer,” everyone!

Since we couldn’t swim or lay out, we did what any reasonable person would do:  spent the afternoon casino-hopping.  The cutest one by far was Caesar’s, and while I mostly forgot to take pictures while we were in Atlantic City, I have one shot of Caesar for you:

034-001We’re back home in our cozy apartment now, Leo the cat is cuddling up a storm, and the Grizzlies are beating the Spurs (for the moment, at least).  It’s been a lovely weekend already, and we still have two days left! I’ve really been needing this break, and am feeling more rested and peaceful than I have in weeks.

So, what are you up to this holiday weekend? 




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