Here’s a little something exciting

Well, you guys know I hate going to the dentist already, but in case you weren’t aware: I hate all types doctor’s visits. It’s a sliding scale of hatred — a great chain of hatred, if you will.

**This is a reference to the Great Chain of Being. It’s a thing you should know about- google it if you don’t!

Today, on the less-terrible end of the scale, I had my annual eye exam. I hate the glaucoma puff test (sometimes I call it the gonnorhea test by “accident,” ahaha). I hate how they shine bright lights in your eyes and tell you not to blink. I mean, seriously? Your body is designed to shut your eyes in the face of danger. Flashing bright lights are dangerous.

Well, today I was a vision-testing rock star. I made it through the puff test in one try per eye. That alone is a minor miracle. I also aced the flashing lights and insane eyeball photos with minimal re-dos.

And…I purchased new glasses. My most recent pair were tornado-insurance glasses, so I haven’t actually paid for glasses since, ummm, 2005. And that was definitely still my parents’ money so in reality, I have never once paid for glasses. That is pretty impressive even for me.

I have a pretty typical style — reddish purple metal frames with a squared-off face. I almost bought a new pair that was right along those lines.

But, I didn’t. I bought large tortoise-shell plastic frames by Michael Kors instead.

Aren’t they cute? They’ll be back on my face in about two weeks. Boring mold-breaking for the win.




  1. Megan A. Dugan

    LOVE the new glasses! And I am awful at the puff test, but actually managed to get through it with only one puff per eye at my eye dr visit last Friday — hooray to both of us!

  2. darkwalker40

    The glasses are nice! They suit you. I wear glasses, too, so I know what having to see the eye doctors are like. At least when it comes to those, you get to choose the frames. You made a good choice. ;)

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