Chicago Week Two

These last two weeks have been — a little crazy.  On August 2nd, just 13 days ago, I was driving across the country with my best friend while H and the DC-packing-team loaded all of our belongings into a pretty low-tech 17-foot truck.  Apparently Budget has a low-low price because things like gas caps are not included.

Since then, we’ve been busy.

1. We are unpacking, purchasing, moving around, returning and repurchasing furniture like nobody’s business.  Somehow we have too much furniture and not enough furniture at the same time.  It’s weird.  Related, I think I could earn a master’s degree in building furniture from IKEA.  So you know, if the whole lawyer-policy maker-government operations analyst thing doesn’t work out, now I have a back-up plan.

2.  We’ve both started our new jobs and are EXHAUSTED.  It’s a lot of pressure looking and acting like you know what is going on when you basically have absolutely no idea what is happening.  And H has it way worse than I do because he’s been leaving the apartment between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. every day this week to drive the delivery routes in his region as part of his training.  Waking up that early totally kills the night-life, by the way.

3.  We celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a fancy and delicious dinner at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant — unfortunately we were both so tired that we didn’t take any pictures and had to take dessert to go, but it was a really fun night!  Plus, we luckily ended up eating chocolate anniversary mousse on our balcony while watching the fireworks over Navy Pier.  Not too shabby!

4.  We’ve had brunch at the Bongo Room (don’t judge but let’s just say it) THREE TIMES since arriving.  My first time was with Kristen at the end of our road trip, again the next day when H and his best friend arrived with the truck, and again this past Sunday after church.  It is seriously JUST SO DELICIOUS.  I can’t say no.

5.  I checked out Tuesday’s farmer’s market downtown by the federal buildings, and have been exploring the neighborhood a little. I’ve basically learned my bus schedule and have not been late to work yet (but it’s only been four days so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. . . ).

6.  I tried a new coffee shop called Intelligentsia which is apparently for people who like to spend $4 on 12 ounces of weak and terrible coffee.  I also had a 16 ounce cup of coffee from the cafe inside of my building that was delicious and only $1.38.

Overall, living here is really fun.  It’s going much better than I expected, and I think we’re going to be really happy here.  It’s a little lonely, but I’m sure that will get easier as we meet more people.  Our apartment is beautiful — it’s hard to believe we live in an apartment so nice after the status of our apartment for the last few years — and the weather has been perfect so far.  Hopefully in one or two more weeks we will be fully moved in, have things put away, and be ready to host guests!








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