I decided to blog this week.

I decided to blog this week…FOR YOU. Because I know how you’ve been feeling these last few weeks. You’ve been missing the random stories and theme-less posts you are accustomed to finding here. You’ve missed hearing about how I decided to eat healthy for a change so we had bacon and cake for dinner, or how I tried to go to the gym and kind of fell off the treadmill, or how I freak out when my favorite make-up is on sale and try to convince everyone to buy it.

Well do not worry for one more second: this week is the week we get back together. And to start closing the gap between us, a brief photo-history of the last month:


A fountain in Chicago’s Grant Park.


We bought bikes.


My hotel in DC from my very first business trip. I now have a credit card that says “United States of America.”



The Branson, MO airport is INSANE. And I made a new friend there!


We had so much fun in Arkansas for my friend Amanda’s wedding! I was in a ton of pictures but don’t have many, but here’s one with a fellow bridesmaid.

These are the fountains where I eat lunch on Fridays.


This is my church, the Chicago Temple.


And this, my friends, is the funniest photo-bomb ever.



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