Date Night: Antique Taco

Taco Collage

The night my parents arrived in Chicago, H and I had a date night in Wicker Park.  Wicker Park is a trendy, hipster-ish neighborhood where the people dress a bit strangely, there are several vintage/used clothing stores, there’s a used book store and a used DVD/record store (my parents are probably getting Christmas gifts from this neighborhood, just FYI you guys), and a few cool restaurants.  Based on great Yelp reviews, we walked around Wicker Park a bit and then went to get dinner at Antique Taco.

Antique Taco is trendy and hipstery, a perfect fit for the neighborhood.  I mean, check out their adorable website:  Because the tacos come in pairs, we ordered three pairs and tried three tacos each. My favorite taco was the Pork Carnitas taco, but H enjoyed the Sweet and Spicy Chicken taco (which is more of a curry spice than the Chinese flavor I expected) and the Crispy Fish Tempura taco. We also ordered their seasonal Agua Fresca (basically seasonal fruit puree in a lemonade) and guacamole with chips.

We had a wonderful time.  The tacos were beautiful and delicious. The guacamole was exactly how we like it — fresh and that perfect balance of chunky and creamy.  It was so wonderful getting out and enjoying our city, especially after being at home a lot during the shutdown.

But the thing is — and I’ve been thinking about how exactly to put this on the blog, which is why I’m writing this post ten days or so after our experience — about an hour after we left the restaurant we were incredibly sick.  Like, the unfortunate kind of sick where you are afraid you might actually die inside the neighborhood Target.  The kind of sick where you are spend way more time in the bathroom at Target than you expected.  And, we all know the bathrooms at Target are no place to spend an evening.

It broke our hearts a little, because we had such a good time and the tacos tasted so great — so much so that we have been thinking that maybe it was a one-time thing.  Maybe we should go back and try the tacos again, and see if it was just a fluke.  It could have been something else that made us sick, like our lunch from that day or the ice cream we shared after dinner; there’s no way to really know exactly what the problem was. And while it is absolutely the truth that we ate tacos and shortly thereafter got sick, there is no proof that eating the tacos caused the sickness and I’m not saying they did.  Causation is a tricky thing and this isn’t the kind of blog where we make faulty assumptions to accuse people of things.  At least not today.

So, there it is.  Enjoy delicious tacos in a trendy, beautiful setting at Antique Taco.  Just try to do it on an evening where you can take it easy the next day, just in case.


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