How to Fix a Crummy Day

1.  Chat with a friend you miss.  Tell her you are in a foul mood and then let the magic happen.
2.  Make pizza for dinner.  The homemade kind where you knead the dough a little.  Work that frustration out.
3.  Malibu and Diet [Pepsi].  Seriously, it is the best.
4.  Yoga pants and a hoodie.  Keep the hood up.  Bonus points if your husband compliments you by saying you look like a Sith Lord.
5.  Eat the pizza you made while watching Friday Night Lights.
6.  Rocky Road ice cream.
7.  Dance party.
8.  Google other fun things and find THIS Pinterest board that promises to make a bad day better but really just makes you judge the world for being LAME.
9.  But then — wait — you found THIS.  And now your day is better.


    • pink-briefcase

      Miss YOU and glad you are blogging again. I’ve loved seeing you pop up in my reader. We have a guest room with your name on it if you ever get up to Chicago. Although, it is mighty cold.

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