What I’m Into: October 2013


This month.  Everywhere I go people are saying “Where did October go?”, and I have to agree — this month has flown by.  Today I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into” blogging link-up.  I always find a few fun things when reading blogs linked up in this series, and since holiday shopping is right around the corner I’m definitely going to be reading up on what other lady-bloggers are loving.  Be sure to check them out by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the post.

October Highlights:

  • My first ever Government Shutdown, which taught me that I’m not at all ready to be a stay-at-home person.
  • Dinner with H’s Dad and an entire weekend with my family in our new city.  Chicago is a great place for visitors.
  • The Crate and Barrel Christmas Tree Lot email.  Did you guys get it?  Holy cow it is BEAUTIFUL.  When I feel sad or need some inspiration I go back and look at it again.  Click the link, give it a second to load, and then scroll down.  Trust me.
  • Getting up-close and personal with my old friend Ina.  H and I have been eating some delicious delicious things thanks to the two Barefoot Contessa cookbooks on my bookshelf!

french toast bread pudding

Personal accomplishments:

  • Getting much better at painting my unbitten nails.  It’s been a long time coming.  Practice makes perfect, or so they say.  We haven’t reached perfection yet but we are getting much closer.
  • Choosing (I think) a new alternative career.  During the Shutdown, I decided that once I’ve paid my debt down a bit and we are a bit more settled in a city, I might shift careers and teach government, civics, or U.S. history to high school students.  I’d love to teach at the college level but let’s be real — what I really want to be is a real-life Tami TaylorI’m also open to oh, I don’t know, working for a government that doesn’t act crazy and shutdown all the dang time.
  • Reading the first few chapters of my friend Abby‘s book manuscript.  It was a great read and felt really good to be a small part of something so important.  I LOVE when my friends are successful and do awesome things.

Reading and Watching:

  • Every show on Television.  I seriously did watch every Fall 2013 television premiere (although some I could only handle for a few minutes before moving on), and I am going to break this down for you a little further very soon.  [There is a mad case of blogger stalling going on here.]  Like most American women I’m loving Scandal and I’ve recently gotten back on the Grey’s Anatomy bandwagon.
  • Friday Night Lights.  H and I had a lot of time together during my shutdown and since he’d never seen it, we’ve been watching it through from the beginning.  He really connects with Coach Taylor and it’s kind of fun watching it from the perspective of a sports fanatic.
  • Hilary Mantel came highly recommended but I think the first book of hers that I picked up was not a great place to start.  I’ve been plodding along through Fludd without being swept up and it’s taken up most of my month.  It’s all about the church so I thought I would love it, but I just haven’t been able to.  Yet.  I’m looking forward to finishing it up and starting my friend Elora’s book (which I received an autographed copy of, by the way! so excited about this).

Fashion and Beauty:

  • Stitch-fix and I are struggling to find our rhythm with a few things, but overall I would be freezing my butt off up here if not for the cute sweaters they’ve sent over for me to purchase lately.  I changed some sizes and gave different feedback after reading Anne’s tips for getting the fix you want, and am very excited about my November fix.
  • H’s office Christmas party was scheduled for Nov. 9 but has been postponed for some unknown reason.  I was excited for the party but really needed to buy new shoes first, so am glad for the delay.  If you have favorite black heels you can recommend, please do leave a comment below!  I’m in desperate need but always put it off.
  • Makeup finds:  Philosophy’s Kiss Me lip gloss in Soft Berry was a random purchase that I’ve actually loved.  In the [just started painting my] nail department, I’m loving Revlon ColorStay in Stormy Night.  I feel super cool when I wear this nail color, although so far the “Stay” part of the polish hasn’t been so effective on my pointer fingers.  Just saying.

So, what have you been loving this month?  Leave a comment or join the link-up to let us know.





  1. Catherine

    I am so tempted to try stitch-fix…it sounds so fun! And if you get tired of working for the government, teaching high school is pretty rewarding (and difficult, but aren’t all good jobs?).

    • pink-briefcase

      I love stitch fix even when I don’t like what they send because it is so fun getting packages!

      And yes — a challenging job that makes a difference is what matters to me, too. So much. I think I would do just about any job that meets those two qualifiers, within reason.

  2. Nikki Ringenberg

    You give me hope for my nails!

    My old favorite black heels are Nine West, pointy toe, three inches, leather and took five years worth of a beating like a champ. I went looking for new ones a few months ago and tried on some Stride Rites just to see and came home with them. They’re about half am inch shorter, rounded toe, and not leather, but SO much more comfortable (and my old favs would easily go all day and then some). So far with the new, I’d buy them again, and I only tried them on because they didn’t have my old favs in my my size. Happy shopping!

    • pink-briefcase

      Good to know! I love my Nine West shoes too, but I’ve had a few pairs not hold up well the last year or so. I will give Stride Rites a try, even if they do sound like shoes for little kids, haha!

      • Nikki

        Um…I should drink more coffee before giving shoe advice…I had to go look, they’re Life Strides, not Stride Rites (as they are shoes for little kids). When I read it the second time, I knew it wasn’t right. Oh, and my typos! I’m glad you read what I meant rather than what I typed!

        • pink-briefcase

          Bahaha! I can only imagine the look on the Nordstrom clerk’s face when I asked her to help me find Stride Rite black pumps in a size 9. Thank you for saving me from that.

    • pink-briefcase

      Yes, so easy and delicious! It’s ideal for feeding a crowd breakfast, because it is all the deliciousness of french toast without having to cook up each piece individually. You slice the bread, stir up the eggs and milk, and then pour the wet over the bread and let it soak before baking. That’s it!

  3. justoneoftheboysblog

    I have never tried Stitch Fix, but I keep hearing glowing things about it. I might have to cave! :) Another FNL fan here…and Scandal! :) I enjoyed your What I’m Into post. Love reading all of the links! I hope you have a great month – in spite of the shutdown! :)

  4. tacywb

    Oh wow does that French Toast Bread Pudding ever look good! I’ve been interested to try Stitch Fix, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Worth it?

    • pink-briefcase

      I think Stitch Fix is absolutely worth it for the fun of it — but I am planning on taking December off because sometimes I need to spend my clothing budget on things like socks and tights, not adorable sweaters and fashionable scarves. You can do it monthly or just as you need it, and I’m thinking I might switch to once-per-season in the new year. I’ve absolutely loved my monthly fixes, though. So I’m not entirely committed to scaling back!

  5. Amanda Louise

    For my first semester of college I was SURE I would be a high school government teacher. In the end, I went a different direction with my poli sci degree, but I sure do still have a soft spot in my heart for it!

  6. Amy

    I love Calvin Klein black pumps in python (shiny black – its available in several styles). Subtle enough to look professional, but also fun to dress up. They are comfortable and hold up well.

  7. Leigh Kramer

    Love the Barefoot Contessa! I have a couple of her cookbooks and try to watch her show whenever I can. She has such a soothing demeanor. I’m really enjoying my first ever viewing of Friday Night Lights. Maybe the Christmas party postponement means it’ll happen after Thanksgiving? Nov. 9 seems like such an odd time to throw a Christmas party. Good luck finding shoes! I’m on the hunt for a good pair of black heels myself.

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