My Anti-Halloween Blog Post

Well, good morning y’all.  It’s October 31.  The day that people act foolish and dress with complete and utter disregard for the weather.

I am not a fan of the Halloween.  I don’t like it because (a) it’s stupid, (b) candy corn is stupid, (c) dressing up makes me feel awkward, and (d) it’s stupid.

I had one Halloween costume that I didn’t hate.  I went to a sorority party as Avril Lavigne (she is a wonderful singer and talented artist, okay!).  It was the first time I ever had my hair straightened.  And I wore a black bra under a white tank and borrowed giant boots from a friend — totally punk, I know.  It was a pretty big moment in my 19-year-old life.

Avril Lavigne

(I would also like to point out that the guy pictured above is my very good friend’s husband and just became a father for the second time last week!  Congrats you guys!  Man we are old…)

So anyway, other than a few hours of beautifully straightened hair, Halloween just makes me feel like a big old loser.  And to follow through on that theme, I thought I’d tell you a little piece of evangelical Christian trivia.  Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Castle Church ON HALLOWEEN (1517).  So, instead of dressing up in a fun costume and eating lots of candy, you can hang with me and other really cool people and celebrate the insanity which is Martin Luther.  Because today is Reformation Day.

Martin Luther If you are asking “What is the Reformation?” or “Who is Martin Luther?” please read through these questions and answers about the pros and cons of Martin Luther.  Because they are brief and also highly entertaining.  And while Martin Luther might have been a drunk racist monk, he believed something was true and stood up against a powerful institution to speak that truth.  And that is something I can get behind.  [Although, there is interesting scholarship pointing out that schisms in the church kind of ruined everything.  So there’s also that.  If you’re interested in this topic, there is a great series on Reformation Week at Patheos.]

Happy Reformation Day, readers!  Which holiday are you celebrating today and, if you are dressing up, what is your costume? 


Update:  So I’m seeing a lot of people hating on Halloween today for religious reasons and then a lot of people hating on those people for being lame and ruining everyone’s fun.  I’d like to clarify that I don’t hate Halloween because of Jesus.  I hate it because dressing up and acting silly does not match my personality.  Also, if I have money in my clothing budget I’d much rather purchase new heels I can wear every day instead of something I will wear once, feel ashamed, and then throw out.  



  1. Eurolanguages-Pt

    I don’t care for all the Halloween fuss either; the money machine at work again! I had commented on your secret mission with some tips, but don’t see my comment there…weird!
    Have a great week!

    • pink-briefcase

      Your comment is totally there for me! Weird that you can’t see it. I’ll see if I can find what happened. My brownies were a total success, so things are looking up there. :)

  2. Nikki Ringenberg

    My costume is ruby red slippers, black dress, gray leggings (dress+leggings =pj feel +work acceptable). I “dressed up” for our youth, then trick or treated around the office when the after school program was canceled for weather. I’m still sore from Tuesday’s fitness class my boss pressured me into attending, so I love the candy today, and I feel no guilt because of the soreness.

    • pink-briefcase

      I love it! Hope you are having fun! I bought a lot of candy just in case, but it’s already 8 PM and no trick-or-treaters. . . What a shame that I’ll have to eat that candy myself!

  3. Meagan

    I feel the exact same way about Halloween that you do. I’m glad there’s someone else who realizes how stupid Halloween (as it has become) is!

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