Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week 11.01.2013

Five Awesome things photo

On Bad Words and Things People Hate. . . like “the Government”

Volokh Conspiracy’s coverage of a motion in a Tennessee case that is pretty dang funny.  The prosecution asked the court to order that the defense refrain from referring to the State as “the government.”  The response from the defense is priceless.

 . . . Along these same lines, even the term “defense” does not sound very likeable. The whole idea of being defensive, comes across to most people as suspicious. So to prevent the jury from being unfairly misled by this ancient English terminology, the opposition to the Plaintiff hereby names itself “the Resistance.” Obviously, this terminology need only extend throughout the duration of the trial — not to any pre-trial motions. During its heroic struggle against the State, the Resistance goes on the attack, not just the defense.

And to be honest, if the government has to pretend it isn’t the government to successfully prosecute cases, perhaps something is going wrong outside of the courtroom.  Tennessee, you’ve always been good to me, and I love you, but seriously.  Stop being crazy.

On Periods and $40 and Enabling Girls to Stay in School

We are the Red Tent: Keep a Girl in School by Idelette McVicker for SheLoves Magazine.  I’ve given to this cause and maybe you should too.  Because nothing is more important than education, and while it’s easy to talk women’s rights and equality and freedom from our warm and cozy positions of power, sometimes you just need to put your money where your mouth is.  I’ve always said if I was lost on a deserted island and I could only take three things with me, they would be something, something else, and a lifetime supply of tampons.  Because, seriously, that is essential.

On the Internet being Kind of Boring This Week

So, the internet was kind of boring this week, full of stories about ghosts and Halloween and other things I don’t care about.  I’ve loved reading all of the things bloggers were into during October (click here for the link up or here to read mine), but otherwise I don’t have any other great articles or blogs or videos for you to check out.  I’m sure there are some out there, but I have nothing.  Hopefully, next week will be full of awesome.  Until then, here’s a video for you.


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