The Blessing and Curse of Daily Goals

So let me just tell you guys – this whole daily blogging thing is starting to make me crazy.  As I mentioned in my tip post, one of the best ways for me to stay on top of daily posting without feeling disappointed in the content is to blog early, getting posts sketched out and mostly finished one or two nights before they need to post.

So, after prepping a post on Monday night that had “Wednesday” in the title, I spent all day yesterday thinking it was actually Thursday.  Yesterday afternoon, I was talking with a co-worker about how exhausted I was from this week and how I was so glad I could wear jeans tomorrow and only had one more work day until the weekend.  He paused, and carefully told me that it was actually only Wednesday at 3 p.m., and there were two days left before the weekend.  The sadness of his smile indicates just how convinced I was that it was almost Friday.

Even so, it’s very nice having goals and sticking to them.  I’m the kind of person that can follow a schedule but spirals a bit if I don’t have a plan.  My “friend” Anne is blogging about that this week, and I think we may have similar tendencies there.  [And I say “friend” because I read her blog daily, and I did meet her once, but I’m not sure we’ve reached the non-air-quotes category of friendship just yet.  One day.]    For you email and blog reader subscribers, I hope that the daily content isn’t overloading your inboxes too much.

This morning, although I was wearing two jackets and wool socks and tall boots and slacks and a top and a scarf, I was incredibly cold while waiting for my bus.  Which was late, which left me standing outside for about sixteen minutes.  There was a noticeable coldness in the area between the bottom of my jacket and the top of my boots.  As in, my butt was freezing cold.  So there’s that.  When my supervisor mentioned there was a ten-percent chance I might be needed in Orlando for a few days mid-December, I may have been slightly too excited when I said I was pretty sure I could make that happen.


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