Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 11.07.2013

Five 2

On what we are looking for

What is it that we are really looking for on this thing, the internet?  Chookooloonks Blogger Karen Wolrond asked the question, received some thought-provoking answers in the comments section, and then wrote a little about her own commitment to make sure what she is consuming, and what she creates and sends out into the world, adds something positive.

On women in the workplace

Kathryn Heath’s article for the Harvard Business Review‘s Blog Network, entitled How Women Respond to Frustration at Work, and Why.  One of the most valuable tips I got from a mentor/friend in my office was to not overly share feelings or frustrations at work.  In other words, keep a great poker face.

Where I don’t agree with the direction this post is going is that I believe it’s good for everyone to have one or two people that you trust and can vent frustrations or concerns to — as long as you can really trust that person.  In college, we called them “rant buddies,” a friend you could trust with your business so you could get your frustrations OUT and then get back to making great things happen.

On law school

Matthew Willens for Lawyerist with Don’t Go To Law School — Not Now.  A remarkably kind and thoughtful post on the cons of becoming a law student in the current environment.

I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about this topic, and all of the articles about whether students should or should not go to law school are always so interesting to me.  I loved law school, I still love learning about laws and rights and issues, and I love my job, it’s exactly what I want to be doing right now.  I’m working a fantastic schedule and am making more than the average law grad from my graduating class, which is more than enough to cover my student loans — even though it totally sucks to spend so much money on debt instead of shoes and a house and a car.  But I’m not a lawyer, in the technical sense of having clients or in the actual sense of having “counsel” in my job title.  So it’s complicated.  I still believe in following your heart and learning for the sake of learning, but I see how hard it is for some who did so and haven’t seen the professional or financial payoff.

On Jesus and women and cheering for my internet-hero

Watch this video, created by Micah Murray of Redemption Pictures for the release of Jesus Feminist.

I fell in love with Sarah Bessey about the time I fell in love with blogging altogether, and I am so happy to support her as her book releases this week.  I bought it from my local Barnes and Noble Tuesday night and have only made it through the first chapter — because, you know, I have a job and husband and stuff, and I really want to soak in her words with a latte this weekend.  But already it is fantastic and I’m pretty sure it’s going to keep being awesome.

On the Constitution and the Separation of Church and State

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case involving prayer before local government sessions this week, and what happens with this case is going to be pretty interesting.  To get familiar with the issues in the case, check out Amy Howe’s Legislative Prayer Returns to the Court: In Plain English.  Then find out a bit about what happened during oral arguments and hear some talk about expected outcomes by reading Lyle Denniston’s analysis from SCOTUSblog or Ruthann Robson’s analysis from Constitutional Law Prof Blog.


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