Not quite fluent, not yet

View from Our Window

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  The sunshine has been few and far between the last few weeks, but when it shines, the whole city sparkles.  I’m loving this new home, although it still doesn’t feel like my normal.  I still dream of DC, when I think about what I want to do on the weekend or worry about being late to work, I have to remind myself where we live and who we are now. I’m not homesick or sad, though, it’s just that my memories and brain haven’t quite caught up to my reality.

When I was in college, our professors told us that we’d be fluent in our language of choice when we thought in French/Spanish and no longer had to intentionally convert English thoughts into the “foreign” language.  And so with that metaphor intact, I’m not quite fluent in Chicago yet.  But getting there.


Here’s a snapshot from my lunchtime walk today.  It’s a memorial to those who have served in the Armed Forces, from the Revolutionary War through today.  It is fire in the ground, an “eternal flame.”   Pigeons huddle around the flame to stay warm.




  1. Amanda Louise

    I knew I was fluent when I was dreaming in my new language. I love the idea of applying that to a new city here though. There’s a lot of parallels!

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