Why we do what we do: a crisis of [blogging] faith


This is that moment we talked about, when I told you why I was hesitant about taking on a daily blogging challenge this month.  This is the night when I argue with myself between choosing not to post today and accepting that every single day on my November blogging calendar would be bright pink with content except for November 12th; or, on the other hand, whether I should post content today even though it is later than normal and chances are it won’t be read at the same frequency content posted in the morning would be, and probably isn’t of the caliber I would prefer be treated as a sample of my best work, just so that I can fulfill a commitment I made to myself and to you.

As much as “real” bloggers write for “an audience” to provide “quality content” to their readers, I oftentimes write here for myself. Do I really think that the internet world needs to know that eating tacos at a certain restaurant may or may not give you a severe case of taco stomach?  No.  Do I really think that you need to know the shallow struggle I face between acknowledging I am a satisfied and successful professional and wanting to be being considered “successful” by my peers?  Not necessarily.  But do I think that we are all on a journey where understanding people different from us helps us to better understand ourselves?  I do.  And also, it’s nice that my friends and family can stay close and know about our life even when there isn’t always enough time in the day to regularly phone all of the people I care about so much. Even when the sentences I write here are silly or cliché or describe photos of food, they serve their purpose.

This week a blogger I sometimes read in the Christian blog world wrote that bloggers who blog for themselves and not for the “glory of God” are stupid and should die.  [It was a tiny bit milder than that, but only a tiny bit.]  And here’s what I’ve been thinking:  why do we really ever do anything?  Do we really do things for the glory of God?  Or does God already have all the glory he needs, and we say we do things for the glory of God when we really mean we do things for the glory of saying we did things for the glory of God?  How is having a calling and pursuing it with abandon different from having a thing that you really love to do and doing that thing?  How do you actually differentiate those things in your actual heart?

This is something I’m learning about right now.  And also something I don’t fully understand.  Today I’m giving you these words, which aren’t necessarily clear or interesting, but fulfill my commitment to share content here each day this month.  This is where I’m at right now.



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