Our Saturday at the DMV . . .

It took three tries, but we have officially given up our Maryland drivers’ licenses and registered to vote in Illinois.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that fun.

The first time we went to the DMV, H realized he didn’t have the proper paperwork and we spent an hour looking for his documents, putting us at the DMV at approximately 10:45 with a line around the block and no parking for miles.  We gave up and went out to lunch.

The second try, we didn’t make it that far.  We had just received H’s new company car [which I’m not permitted to drive, but THAT is another story . . . ] and when we went downstairs to start it up and drive away, it wouldn’t start.  The battery was completely dead, with only 27 miles on the car.  Bummer.

Last weekend the DMV was closed for Veteran’s Day, so on our fourth straight week of DMV attempts, we made it to the DMV before 9:00 and into the building by 10:00.  They misspelled our last name on H’s license three times, but we both passed our written tests on the first try and made it out of there with red-and-white Illinois licenses.  We are quite sad to give up the blue crabs that have adorned our Maryland licenses since we married.

Some thoughts on our experience at the Illinois’ DMV:

  • There should really be indoor lines since it is FREEZING in Illinois most of the year.  Just saying.
  • Staff members should avoid yelling announcements at a crowd while announcements are being made over the intercom.  We just cannot understand both announcements if they are made simultaneously.  Take turns.
  • The men directing human traffic [a.k.a. the lines] were remarkably old and grumpy.  With longer-than-normal sideburns and wearing both denim jackets and denim pants.  It’s not a cute look, but somehow it worked for the environment.
  • Making fun of the voice of your patron by repeating her answer to your questions back to her is unprofessional.  However, giving her a fist-bump for being the most well prepared person that has ever come to the DMV was a good way to make up for your previous error in judgment.  Good, but not quite good enough.
  • Questions like “How can you avoid driving under the influence?  a) don’t drink, b) drink beer, and c) drink less than usual” are not very hard.  Also, “How do you get alcohol out of your system? a) cold shower, b) cup of coffee, c) time” — just not that tricky.
  • It’s a little weird how many times you remind patrons of the DMV that Jesse White is the Secretary of State.  I don’t think anyone there really cares what his name is all that much.

We left the DMV and went up to XOCO to treat ourselves to a delicious Mexican lunch to celebrate our accomplishment.

So, what did you do this Saturday?  Anything exciting?


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