Today I worked from home for the entire day. Not between off-site meetings, not before and after an appointment, but the entire day from start to finish.

Teleworking is something many employees do regularly and some do full-time, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I’m considering adding regular teleworking to my weekly schedule as winter approaches, either one or two days per week, but I’m still thinking through the pros and cons.

Pro: no waiting for the bus in the freezing cold.

Con: I finished an entire workday without leaving the apartment.

Pro: I made fresh pasta on my lunch break.

Con: I really wanted to watch TV and it was right there the whole time.

Pro: It was easier to start and stop on-time without the need to commute

Con: I felt a bit paranoid that someone might think I wasn’t working enough, causing me to feel slightly stressed.

Introverts need interaction too, and it may be a little too quiet for me at home.

Do you telework? How did you know it was right for you?



  1. Dana Renee

    It’s not exactly the same, but I run my own editing business from home and I’m right there with you on the pros and cons. When I’m not feeling well or the weather is bad, I love that I don’t have to leave to go to work. But at the same time it gets harder to separate work time from home time.

  2. Nikki Ringenberg

    I do one day a week at home. I find its super helpful for focused tasks I’d prefer not to be interupted during, pending deadlines, and focused writing. I couldn’t handle a total work from home, but my one day a week is precious and I love it!

  3. farquag

    I work from home full time, and have done so for 18 of the last 20 years. For me, it is the only way. Yes, your cons are spot on, but for me the cons of an office environment and its distractions are bigger. It also helps that most of my peer group at work are also telecommuting.

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