Full hearts


We spent our last night with family in one of Chicago’s top-three deep dish pizza chains. Lou Malnati’s is not my favorite of the three, but it is our guest’s favorite so that is where we went. And I’m not complaining–it was delicious.

These past few days have been so full. I’ve loved every minute but I am also pretty tired. All of the things I do to prepare for my workweeks, including those things I’ve been writing about this past week, have been set aside to make room for fun in our lives. And that’s the thing about successful weeks: you prepare for what’s coming so that you can enjoy what actually happens.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our series on successful weeks. Wednesday I’ll post my meal plan and cooking schedule from Fake Thanksgiving, just in case you need last-minute inspiration. Thursday through Sunday we’ll be with family and friends in Tennessee. I’ll try to meet you here each day as I finish National Blog Posting Month.


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