Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 12.06.2013 (remix)

Five 2

Well, NaBloPoMo kicked my butt (as expected).  I planned to take a few days off to rest after blogging every day for the month of November, and ended up taking off nearly an entire week!  It’s been a good week, long and busy.  I’m preparing for things to start moving very quickly over the next few months in the office, cleaning up after a week of guests (who were remarkably clean for boys), and decorating our apartment for the holiday season.  This weekend I have wreaths to hang, Christmas cards to write, and shopping to do.  Also, now that we are a Pepsi family, I need to find a recipe for Christmas ham that doesn’t use the competitor’s product.

The internet was full of beautiful things this week.

I enjoyed readings surrounding the opening of Advent, which began on Sunday, December 1st.  In the background of the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, there is a strong and steady hope for God to work, waiting for suffering to end, waiting for justice and peace to come.  We’ve lost Nelson Mandela this week, we are surrounded on all sides by death and sickness and darkness and sadness.  It’s a dark and stormy world, but we hold fast, waiting for God to work in our world.

Advent: a Prison Story, Richard Beck, Experimental Theology

In which Advent is for the ones who know longing, Sarah Bessey

Blessings for Benton.  My friend is writing through her journey in the NICU as she sits and hopes and prays while her son fights for his life.  Please sit and wait and pray with me, with her.

And now it’s time to start shopping.

I planned to make you a gift guide to help fill your Christmas shopping needs, but as it turns out there are so many excellent gift guides out there that there’s really no reason for me to try to add to the portfolio of great shopping ideas.  Instead, I’ll mention the sites that I’ve been using for my own shopping inspiration:

A Cup of Jo, check out for excellent gift ideas from this year and previous years.  (I’ve linked to one post in particular but there are others for moms, sisters, etc.)

Rage Against the Minivan.  Kristen Howerton has posted a great gift guide for gifts that give back, as well as regular gift suggestions as well.

Sarah Bessey gave us a Christmas gift guide where each item empowers women.

Kendi Everyday.  She started with the “fancy lady” gift guide but has more coming.

How Sweet It Is.  I shared these guides last week but they are still awesome and at least one of the items on my own Christmas list came from here.


Thanks for sticking with me over the last month of daily updates, and during this past week of quiet.



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