What I’m Into, November & December 2013

Today I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been loving this month (and last month too because oops, I forgot).


  • The Good Wife.  Best show ever.
  • Nashville (of course).
  • White House Down.  My favorite types of movies involve one unexpected hero conquering a room-full of terrorists with his bare hands and good looks.


  • Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist.  Sometimes I get so annoyed with Americans that I forget that Christianity can be kind of wonderful.  This book reminded me about redemption.
  • Shauna Niequist’s Bread and Wine.  Seriously, this book was weirdly beautiful and I could see myself writing something like it one day if I ever wrote something like a book.  It’s about eating and loving and feelings and shame and pride and family and risotto.  You should totally read it too.  Highly recommended.


  • To be honest, some blogs have been getting on my nerves lately.  Clichés annoy me; I’d much rather find something funny and original online.  When the whole internet starts talking about the same thing and repeating the same three opinions, I start thinking about running away.  There’s been a little bit of that here lately.

The Holidays

  • We had extended periods with family and friends in late November and again in late December, and it was lovely.  Seriously, the best.
  • I got a head start on my plan to be a better friend in 2014, spending some quality time with two of my bridesmaids these past two months and reaching out to several friends to try to reconnect.  AND, I sent Christmas cards with handwritten notes to a lot of people I miss.


  • Garrett Popcorn.  It is so delicious I could eat it until I exploded.  Luckily I have not exploded yet.
  • Block cheese and Wheat Thins.  Best combo ever.  I’ve been snacking on this all month.
  • La Croix sparkling water.  At first taste it is terrible.  And then something happens, and it is wonderful.  My favorite flavor is grapefruit but I’m still trying new flavors so that could change.


  • The largest coat ever.  And it is so warm.  Thank goodness, since the weatherman said it was a windchill of -30* last night.  I honestly just can’t tell the difference between 0* and -30*, or else it wasn’t actually that cold this morning.
  • Double leggings, wool socks, and knee-high boots.  The idea combination for warm legs and rear.  I’ve decided that cuddl’ duds are my favorite, but mostly because they are easy to find and their name is so darn awkward.

Thinking about

  • Planning and goal-setting for 2014.  (Knit my own sweater vest?  Bike 1000 miles?  Eat 1000 cupcakes?)
  • What I want to do next in my career.  (Hardest question ever!)
  • Wes Welker.  I mean, isn’t he lovely?

Two great things I want to share with you

  • Gravy cubes.  It’s my “genius” idea about how to store leftover gravy.  Freeze the leftover gravy into an old plastic ice tray, and then pop the cubes into a freezer bag.  Then, when you feel like having gravy you just pop a cube or two into the microwave.  It’s Thanksgiving every day.
  • Story Sessions.  I joined in July and at first, I was like “what in the world is going on here?” and kind of hid in the back and watched things happen.  And then suddenly in November I realized that I had fallen in love with this community of women writers who love Jesus in their own way and talk about their business and their writing online.  It’s still kind of weird but now it’s the good kind of weird, and I love it.
What I'm Into Link-up LeighKramer.com

What I’m Into Link-up




  1. Sharon Cardwell

    I saw White House Down. It was a good movie. I liked it too. I have never seen the other two. Thank you so much for taping Kirby. I have wanted a recording of him singing for years.

  2. Nikki Ringenberg

    I had Garrett’s popcorn over the weekend…with such access, I’m impressed you haven’t exploded yet, it SO good!

  3. All Manner of Inspiration

    Great post! I loved Bread & Wine this year too – feels like the type of book that would be so lovely to write. I also recently discovered Garrett’s caramel corn, and can I just say? Man – I’m glad I only go through Chicago’s airport so often, b/c I could eat that stuff every single day! :) Happy New Year!

  4. Leigh Kramer

    Glad you enjoyed Bread & Wine and Jesus Feminist! Two of my favorite non-fiction reads from last year. Also glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with Story Sessions. It’s been fun watching Elora’s vision come to life.

    • pink-briefcase

      It has been very fun to be a part of it. I still feel a little bit “outside” the normal membership (a me-problem) but really enjoy getting to know the women and where they are with their own writing. I like the community.

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