Blogging in 2014 — A Little Housekeeping

I follow a lot of blogs (a quick count today revealed 119 blogs, but I know a few of those have been dormant for quite a while).  To make it easy to keep up-to-date on all of the blogs and people I love, especially those that do not update on a regular schedule, I use a blog-reading and content organization app called Feedly.

Feedly is the greatest thing since Google Reader.  It may be even better than Google Reader.  The app can be slow to update when I don’t have a strong internet signal, but overall, using Feedly to connect with other bloggers was one of the best social media decisions I made in 2013. Feedly’s text is beautiful: crisp black lettering on a bright white screen.  It takes out the formatting that can make content slow to load when you’re mobile, and I never encounter that awful music that automatically starts playing on some pages.  Using the app, I can browse blogs while commuting, walking on the treadmill, or waiting to meet a friend.  With one click I can save posts for later, which is really helpful when I’m putting together internet highlights for you each Friday.

One downside to using Feedly, though, is that I have no idea when my favorite bloggers have changed their formatting or updated the overall look and feel of their blogs. For those of you who visit this space on a regular basis, you may have already noticed that I’ve been working to make Pink-Briefcase more user-friendly and visually appealing.  For those of you reading through an app, this is your invitation to click through and check everything out!

Here’s what’s new on the blog this year:

  • A new theme and color scheme.  We went through a few themes over the last six weeks, so you may have experienced a bit of design whiplash.  I wish the transition had been smoother, but I’m really not sorry because I love how things turned out.

  • I deleted the “library” and updated my blogroll.  What seemed like a brilliant idea last year turned into a list of books I wanted to read but didn’t, and that I never updated.  It wasn’t great for you or for me.  I’ve also revised my list of recommended blogs.  My top two favorite reads today? [for career-focused women] and [for anyone who has ever worked in an office].

  • I’ve added a few rules and expectations for the blog — for you and for me.  I’m always afraid that a potential job opportunity will be ruined because my intended employer stumbled across this blog and thought “this is so silly and weird, I don’t want to hire her!”  So, I wrote about why I blog, to remind myself that this isn’t silly and weird [at least most of the time!] and to give you an idea of what my personal boundaries are for this space.  It’s pretty personal and I’m kind of proud of it, so click over to “Why I Blog [the Disclaimer]” and let me know what you think.

  • I’ve added some new ways for us to connect.  I’ve linked my twitter, instagram, goodreads account, and pinterest boards to the blog on the page “Let’s Connect.”  I’d love to keep up with your reading, fitness, beauty, style, or recipe recommendations, so please do add me on one or all of these channels.  I’ve also added an email just for this blog, so if you have a question, want to guest post, or have suggestions or comments for the blog you don’t want to share publicly, you can email them to me instead.

  • Even bigger, I’ve started a Facebook Page for this space.  I hope to transition all blog advertising from my own profile to this Page, so that my personal life and my blog can be comfortably separate.  If you normally come here through a Facebook link, you’ll want to like the Facebook page because soon I will stop linking to Pink-Briefcase from my personal profile.  There’s a chance this is a terrible idea, and my blog stats will drop very low, but I’m hoping we’re ready for this.  It’s something I really want to do.

I’ve made a commitment to myself and my team that I’ll be writing more this year.  That writing won’t always be published in this space, but much of it will.  Take some time to look around the new site, and let me know how it looks.  I’m excited to see where this is going, and hope you’ll stay with me for this journey.



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