My daily dose of sparkle

I’ve been struggling with writers’ bloggers’ block this week.  I wanted to write about my goal to change the way I define myself.  I wanted to tell you that I’ve noticed a change in how I describe myself to others: that I just introduce myself with a long list of plain boring facts without including any mystery or magic or hopes or dreams.  I wrote and re-wrote and edited and began again so many times, but it never felt right.  Instead of continuing to struggle to get the words in the right order and explain how I noticed this change and what I’m going to do to fix it moving forward, let me just tell you straight:

I want for my identity to be more than just a list of the things I do each day.  I want my hopes and dreams to be wrapped up into who I am.  But instead of trying to rationalize some alternative approach to introductions and self-awareness, I’m going to attempt each day to squeeze a little mystery and magic, some mini-version of those hopes and dreams into my agenda.  I’ll give those plain boring facts a little extra sparkle.

Would you like to join me?  Is it true, just maybe, that you would also like to have a little more magic in your daily endeavors?  I’ve been thinking of a few ways for myself, but would love to hear your ideas too.

daily dose of sparkle

In the mornings:

  • Make a special breakfast like my friend Osheta.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Stretch and use your joints for five minutes.  (My yoga teacher reminded me last week that the fluid in our joints only moves when our joints move – there’s no internal pump like there is for our hearts.)
  • Wear lipstick.  Dust off those hot rollers for a little extra bounce.  Pull out the nice jewelry.
  • Play some pump-up music.

At the office:

  • Make a cup of tea at 10 and again at 2.  Just because.
  • Hang an inspirational quote.  Write something funny at the top of the daily to-do list.  [While you are at it, write down the time and room number of all of your meetings.]
  • Drink that entire bottle of water before lunch.  Refill and empty again before you leave.
  • Take your lunch break.  Use it well.  Turn your computer screen off, look out the window, walk outside, or read a poem.  Promise to take at least ten minutes away from the screen.
  • Splurge for the nice pens.  Bring them to work with you.

In the evenings:

  • Cook something fancy, or scramble some eggs, but turn off the TV while you eat.
  • There are more than enough calories left for a little chocolate.
  • Dance party.
  • Dig those cute jammies out from the bottom of your drawer.
  • Brush your hair.  Apply lotion.
  • Light a candle and write in your journal.  (Or maybe something more like this?)
  • Read a chapter from that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for three weeks.


  1. accidental devotional

    Love this. Headed to refill the water bottle now! My carpool friend and I have been jamming to her mix tapes, dubbed off the radio mostly “80’s at 8.” This has been seriously the best thing for my day.

  2. laurelissette

    1. Sometimes I take road trips at night. Just because. I take my camera and journal and just drive. ( I live by the Ocean so the drive is along the coast. That probably makes it easier for inspiration.) But still. Try it.
    2. Make something! Go some where that you can make a mess and they clean it up like pottery/ clay creation. Or maybe pick up some paints from the store and have a Princess Diaries moment. Ya know, where her mom had balloons filled with paint against a wall and used darts to make them break all over the paper. Or make a bracelet.
    3. Have a day adventure. Save some money up and go snowboarding/skiing/skydiving. OR have a girls day and go to a spa with a friend. Have your hair and nails done and then relax with a movie or go out for a drink.
    4. Show a little sass and take a pole dancing fitness class or a kickboxing class.
    5. Attend a sports game.

    That’s all I can think of that can add a little magic to a week. You mentioned lipstick… when ever I have writers block I slip into some heels (yoga pants and softest t-shirt ever already on) and my bright red lipstick. Because hey, no one can see me. The outfit is soooo comfy and the lipstick and heels give me a huge boost of kick ass confidence.

  3. Brenda

    Love these ideas! I so relate to reducing yourself to a series of boring facts. It’s hard to be sparkly and vulnerable in this world that so often doesn’t care about those things – but that’s all the more reason why it’s needed.

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