28 Pursuits for my 28th Year

I don’t have a bucket list.  I started to make one a few times, but I could never think of more than one or two things to put on it and, once I wrote them down, I never really thought about them again.

This year’s going to be a little different.  This year, I am ATTACK!-ing life and with that, I am adopting 28 “things” to pursue during my 28th year on this planet.  (When I wrote this sentence the first time, I wrote that “we” were attacking life and that “we” were adopting these things and, although I edited it because I really cannot speak for your own approach to 2014 or the dreams that you are pursuing over the next twelve months, I would love for you to join me in this endeavor.  You’ll see that a number of these items are a bit open-ended, and if they are goals or topics or skills that you have experience with, feel free to leave your feedback right here.)

On the Blog

One.  Make something cool for you, my blog readers.  A  list of prompts, maybe an e-book or a Chicago (or DC) travel guide; something unexpected.

Two.  Comment on other blogs at least 10 times each week.

Three.  Change my blog hosting from wordpress.com to another host — maybe BlueHost?

Four.  (Blog-related) Write and submit 3 guest blogs for external publication.

New Habits

Five.  Start keeping a regular bedtime.  [Well, regular-ish.]

Six.  Develop a regular [at home] yoga practice.

Seven.  Attend church [more] regularly.

Eight.  Commit to regular journaling — fill up your moleskin journal by the end of the year, hopefully before.

Nine.  Be a better friend — calls, cards, texts, emails, visits.


Ten.  Go camping (or get a cabin) and fishing in Wisconsin so I can use my new tackle box!

Eleven.  Choose and attend a fun conference.

Twelve.  Visit the Museum of Science and Technology.


Thirteen.  Start and finish 3 DIY/crafting projects.

Fourteen.  Watch two Ted Talks, of any subject.  (I’ve never listened to one and everyone says they are awesome and life-changing or whatever.)

Fifteen.  Complete one knitting project from start to finish.

Sixteen.  Complete the monthly cookbook challenge — try new recipes from at least one new cookbook every month.

Personal Investment

Seventeen.  Find a doctor.  Eighteen.  dentist. Nineteen.  dermatologist. Twenty.  OB-GYN.

Twenty-one.  Meet with the Financial Planner we were referred to.

Twenty-two.  Increase our down-payment savings by 50%

Twenty-three.  Build up my resume, portfolio, references, etc.  Have a professional package ready, just in case.

Twenty-four.  Try 2 new fitness activities (already I’ve been to three intense yoga classes!).

Twenty-five.  Read 6 entire books and track them on Goodreads.

Style and Beauty

Twenty-six. Invest in classic quality accessories — bags, shoes watches, earrings.

Twenty-seven.  Be more creative with footwear!

Twenty-eight.  Learn to take beautiful photographs.


Here’s to a fabulous twenty-eighth year.  Cheers!   



  1. Nikki Ringenberg

    This is a great list! As several of these items are related to my annual goals or on my to-do list, I’ll be part of your we! Also, happy belated birthday! Did you have a fun, warm celebration?

      • Nikki

        Well, between annual and to do, I have do something physical, join a Sunday school class, be a better friend, be more selfish with my time (I’m thinking both can work by cutting out some crap), read more books, finish some projects (I have three in progress crochet/sewing projects I can see from my couch), find a dentist (I’m due for a cleaning next month), invest in classic staples (because this is where I need to start) and buy a few statement necklaces (mainly thinking towards summer). My goals are not SMART, and I’m ok with that because I’ll feel less pressure to do them to a T, and will be pleased if I make progress (with a couuple of exceptions-like the dentist).

  2. Sharon Cardwell

    On your crafts, may I suggest paint-by-number. Herrschner’s has some awesome ones. They are not something that you finish fast. The sunlit fox took me almost a year, and the eagle sitting on the stump in the morning mist gets mistaken for a real photo a lot. They are 16×20 and 20×21 I think. They just had a big sale and I bought 3 more. Paintworks is a good brand. I just bought my first Plaid. I ordered on line and it was shipped right to me.

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