Being Alive is Baller

I have a quick note for you before I head to bed.  I’ve been getting into work earlier than normal this week and my blogging schedule is a little off.  But, today is an anniversary of sorts and I thought I would share a few memories and some photos with you.

Six years ago tonight my mom was in surgery and my college got destroyed by a tornado.  Today, my mom is cancer-free and my alma mater is looking way better than it did while I studied there.  It’s almost like that night was a scary movie that we watched and then when it was over, we took it out of the DVD player and sent it back to Netflix along with all of those DVDs of the Wire.  Except, I have a friend who has some health issues that stem from that night.  And while I remember this tornado as a crazy thing that we all survived, I pray for her health and healing.  Friend, if you read this, you matter to me.

It’s easy to forget.  Our clothes are wrinkled or we spill coffee on a notebook or, my personal daily recurring problem of late:  I rub the makeup off my nose while blowing it incessantly but still have makeup on my cheeks and chin, which looks so awkward, oh man my life is over… Except, it isn’t.  Because I am alive.  And makeup or no makeup, being alive is baller.

Click through the two links here for photos from my tornado experience.  These photos are posted on Union’s Flickr account:  tornado night // the day after.



  1. Brenda

    I’m in Memphis, and I remember that night very, very well. I still get chills thinking about the first time I drove to Nashville after the tornado, and even in the dark, you could SEE where it had crossed 40.

  2. Nikki Ringenberg

    What a great reminder to be thankful for every cold moment! ( yes, your cold is much worse than mine, which is much worse than it should be).

  3. sarahkerner

    Yes! I was having a spectacularly bad morning last week (forgot stuff at home and had to turn around and get it, spilled coffee on myself, etc, etc) then when I finally got on my way to work, I had to pull over twice for ambulances. Hmm… clearly my bad morning could be a LOT WORSE. It’s all about perspective, right?

    • pink-briefcase

      It is! Not that I don’t get really mad at silly things that seem really bad all the time. But, it’s just kind of awesome to be alive, isn’t it? It’s worth a little heartache and stress every now and then.

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