Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 2.14.2014

Five 2

One.    And Then I Stopped Talking to my Husband, by Laura Tremaine at The Hollywood Housewife.

My husband’s world is very big and very full. Even a strong woman could feel diminished next to his circus. When we are alone in our home as a family, I’ve never been more complete. When we are alone in our bedroom cheek-to-cheek, I’ve never been more happy. But in the large picture, standing next to a man of great stature can be very lonely.

So, by the time his car was speeding towards LAX, he knew very, very little about anything going on with me. Because I hadn’t told him. He hadn’t asked, necessarily, but I definitely hadn’t offered. It wasn’t a standoff, because it hadn’t been purposeful, but we had drifted apart while standing next to one another.


Two.   Rebecca Makkai for Ploughshares with So, Sue Me…

The response (I’m tightly paraphrasing so I don’t get sued for copying the email) read: “Sorry. The rate is $3,000 for 300,000 copies. And, to be frank, the writer should be grateful we’re not taking action against her for using the lyrics previously when the story appeared in the journal.”

And so we speedily shut our mouths, and I changed the story (my character now “bellow[s] out the chorus of the song” after singing the title), thanked my lucky stars, and made damn sure to learn how to check what was in the public domain.


Three.  Ten Design Tips Using PicMonkey You Might Not Know About!, by Julie DeNeen at Fabulous Blogging.  [These are not really quotable, but great tips and tricks for making your blog and other online profiles look beautiful!)]


Four.  My friend Cara’s post Even If:  Thoughts from the If:Gathering, over at Little Did She Know.

On that first day, there were words that resonated with me, things that I wrote down to ponder, turning them over in my mind. Still, at the end of the night, in a candlelit room, after communion, I found a familiar feeling rising inside me.

I needed to find a corner.

I ended up in the lobby, leaning against a pillar, tears threatening to fall. The sounds of the worship music of past summer camps, youth groups, and Sunday mornings wrapped around me still and I found myself whispering to God. What am I doing here?

Related:  Kelly J. Youngblood’s When Thousands of Women Loved Something, and I Didn’t.


Five.   Ummm, hi Deb.  This chocolate peanut butter cheesecake is so delicious-looking.  I can hardly handle it.

So, what’s in the cake? Well, all the peanut butter and all the chocolate, of course. You’ll start with a chocolate crust formed from chocolate cookie crumbs, ground bittersweet chocolate, brown sugar and hot melted butter. You’ll continue with a thick puddle of chocolate-peanut butter ganache nested inside this crust. Over it, you’ll pour a large bowl of peanut butter cheesecake batter with sour cream, eggs, vanilla, don’t fight it, please. . . .


Okay, that’s all I have for you today!  What awesome things did you find on the internet this week?  


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