Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week 2.21.2014

Five 2

I gave you something kind of vulnerable this week, and my top reads reflect that same positioning: they are stories of our journeys to find who we really are in the midst of who we thought we were, who others think we are, and who everyone else told us we would be. Click through and give them the love they deserve.

One. Sacred/Scared Day Two at Momastery.

I don’t typically read Glennon’s blog (because, like, it’s called Momastery and I’m not a mom), but every now and again I see a link that leads me there and this is a winner. I never expected to have so much in common with Kristen Howerton! It’s weirdly comforting to read a more mature version of your own insecurities written by someone you respect. 

Two. On Changing Dreams at A Beautiful Mess.

Three. In Defense of the Sharp Lefts, by Elora Ramirez. Holy wow.

Four. Caris Adel’s I’m White and It’s Uncomfortable.

Five. Leanne Penny’s What Mental Health Isn’t.

Also: tip of the hat to Dr. Richard Beck’s series on Johnny Cash’s theology. I particularly enjoyed his discussion of Cash’s album Bitter Tears. Any English majors reading this blog today? This could be a great source for a senior thesis topic.


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