Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 3.8.2014

Five 2

Happy International Women’s Day, my friends.  Women are awesome.  Women are human beings made in the image of God.  They deserve rights and property and the vote and respect and freedom from all kinds of rape in every community, including this one that we live in right here.  Let’s support them every day, all day long. 

1.  Alanna Okun’s Buzzfeed list entitled 17 Things You Should Do Right Now.  I’m typically on top of these things but I have no idea what my credit score is.

2.  My friend Brenna’s Post You Were Born for Such a Time as This, at her blog Beautiful Things.  Brenna is raising her three smart and funny daughters to be awesome human beings and I love when she writes to them.  I think maybe she is also writing to me.

3.  Reinventing Skid Row: When Hipsters Met the Homeless and Made a New Downtown L.A., by Ed Leibowitz for Politico.  A long but interesting read on homelessness, gentrification, development, etc. in Los Angeles.

4.  My friend Elizabeth introduced me to Anna Kendrick’s Oscar Weekend Diary, at Vogue, which I found quite enjoyable.  Celebrities are weird.

5.  Please Lord, Let Him Be Funny, a post on parenting awesome children by the very cool mom Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.

Okay, those are this week’s top reads!  What did you love this week? 


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