Three Things for Wednesday


Well, Chicago has more snow. About five inches last night brought this winter’s snow totals to the third-highest ever or, according to CBS News, an inch over Michael Jordan’s head. Apparently we are measuring weather patterns in local sports heroes these days.

I have red fingernails today. It’s a small thing, but they make me feel cheerful which is much needed in this wintry weather. My friend Megan recommended the julep maven box, and in my first box I received a beautiful classic red color called Myrtle. (To be honest I feel a little less cool now because the name Myrtle reminds me of someone’s grandmother.) I’m not sure I can really use a monthly nail polish subscription, since I usually purchase nail polish maybe twice a year, but the first one was free and really fun.

We’re eating a lot of fish and shrimp this week and I am loving it. Fish, rice, and veggies is my perfect dinner because it’s pretty healthy, so there are tons of calories left for evening chocolate.

That’s three things random for this Wednesday morning! What’s going on in your week?


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