Date Night: Our Favorite Jambalaya

A few months back, I ordered H a single-month subscription to Besh Box, which was a monthly foodie subscription service where you would receive a box of random awesomeness from celebrity chef John Besh, along with five or six recipes for using those things to make a delicious meal.  I was loving my Stitch Fix subscription and this was a comparable surprise package for a man who loves to eat delicious food. The box arrived about a week after Valentine’s Day and was mostly non-useful kitchen things (we don’t really need a special tool to devein shrimp, a knife will do that just fine).  But, there were some pretty cool things in there too, like a plastic test-tube of hot sauce crystals (tobasco Devil’s Blend), a little king cake baby, and cucumber seeds for growing your own cukes and making New Orleans-style pickles.

I was surprised to discover on their website that the Besh Box is no longer a thing, but the jambalaya recipe that we received in the box has become a staple in our house and I’ve been much too slow to share it with you.  It really is so incredibly delicious, full of sausage and shrimp, and all-around wonderful.  If you’re expecting a crowd and want a warm, hearty meal, this jambalaya is sure to be a winner.

Image (2)

(You should be able to click this photo to enlarge the text.)


Spicy deliciousness in every bite!

Here’s a snapshot!  I’m not sure if the photo does this meal justice, but it is seriously the greatest jambalaya I have ever eaten.  Along with the recipe came a box of random goodies (smoked pickled okra, a shrimp deveiner, and our very own king-cake plastic baby!) as well as a New Orleans-themed playlist for setting the mood with your meal.  Click here to listen to some awesome big band music via Spotify.

To turn this jambalaya recipe into a delicious meal, I recommend making a quick salad, some kind of cheesy toast or biscuits, and warm chocolate brownies or an easy bread pudding for dessert.

Do you have a favorite recipe for date nights at home?



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