My weird obsession with Tupperware

Nearly every time I’ve made cookies or baked a cake or pie or otherwise created something delicious to share since leaving home ten years ago (wow, I’m so old!), I’ve wished for Tupperware.  I’ve used gallon-sized Ziploc bags, discounted IKEA cake holders, and a lot of creativity to store and carry the goodies I’ve made, but each time I’ve thought: oh, if only I had Tupperware for this.  Because Tupperware is L-E-G-I-T the best brand of storage containers ever.

I’m not sure why I didn’t put Tupperware storage containers on our wedding registry, or order some after we were married, or after I started working, or at any other point over the last ten years.  I’ve definitely purchased a lot of other unnecessary kitchen gadgets that I didn’t want or need as much as I wanted Tupperware.  I’m looking at you, giant muffin tin, martini glasses, rhinoceros-shaped cookie cutter . . .

Earlier this year, my cousin had a Tupperware party online and I got very (very!!) excited and ordered a cake taker and a pie taker.

cake taker

Cake Taker!

pie taker

Pie Taker!

The pans are white with turquoise lids and they are perfect and wonderful and I couldn’t be happier.  H did not understand why I would be so excited or spend so much money on plastic containers, and he’s been making fun of my purchase for a while.   But this weekend, our new cake and pie takers earned their place in our home.

On Saturday, I made a two-layer banana cake (this recipe) and frosted it with peanut butter-butter cream frosting for H’s birthday.  I packed that cake into our Cake Taker and slid it onto a shelf in the refrigerator.  On Monday, I made this zucchini-potato casserole in my fluted tart pan, which I packed into the pie taker.  We grabbed both containers and a six-pack of beer as we headed out to my friend’s Memorial Day barbecue, and I didn’t worry one minute about the tart pan leaking or the cake getting knocked around in the car.  Everything was in perfect condition when we arrived, and it was so easy to carry items to and from the car.  Nothing spilled, nothing leaked, nothing was dropped.  Because Tupperware is the best ever.

Today, I tested the cake taker on the  bus during my commute to work.  I made it safely onto and off of the bus with my purse, tote, and cake taker without getting yelled at by strangers and without the cake flipping over or spilling.  IT WAS AWESOME.  My 1/3 cake looked pretty cute (you know, as good as 1/3 of a cake can look) in its blue and white container, and I particularly appreciated the handle while navigating the bus ride, crowded sidewalks, and full elevator.

And so, I have arrived.  I am now officially a grown-up lady who has her own cake AND pie/cookie holders and is prepared for any potlucks or parties you’d like to invite me to attend.

Are there any weird tools or gadgets that you’ve always wanted but never made the effort to purchase?  Share in the comments or link up on twitter!


This is just me loving my new cake and pie takers, and not a sponsored post.  I don’t actually know how to make sponsored posts because what are sponsors?  Don’t worry if you hate Tupperware and want to hate on it in the comments.  That’s totally fine. 



  1. Nikki

    I may have confiscated my mom’s 9 by 13 Tupperware and one of her round cake containers (she has several, which included two Tupperware). My lettuce keeper is my favorite though. I’m still pining after a Tupperware butter dish :(

  2. Jane McMichael

    Loved reading how much you enjoy your Tupperware. I could name may product I love but the best thing TUPPERWARE has for me is the 41 years it has been my full time career.

  3. Eva Collins

    I totally enjoyed reading this!!! I became a Tupperware Consultant because of my love of the product! Thanks for sharing this. :D

  4. Kathy

    I love my Tupperware MicroSteamer the most! It was a pricey investment too but I LOVE it!! I can make cinnamon rolls, a complete dinner of meat and veggies or even “hard boiled” eggs. Such a diverse product!

  5. mona

    I have been a serious Tupperware addict for over 20 yrs now. To the point of being obsessed lol. When my husband comes home from work, often the first question is “did you bring your Tupperware home?”(his lunch and snacks are always in Tupperware.) I once added up the value of the Tupperware in our house for fun, while renewing our house insurance, and was shocked to realize it was over $12,000! (not that I paid that much, look for sales). The VALUE and QUALITY are simply incomparable.

  6. Rebecca Smith

    I am a Tupperware Manager! I have been with Tupperware for over 30 years off and on. This is the fourth time I have joined!! (Feb 2013) The product is awesome and still has a Lifetime guarantee against cracking, chipping, peeling, and breaking :). Every time I am away for a while, I decide to join up again. Great way to get your products at a discount, and make extra cash if you need a part or full time job. Contact me to “Party” or become a consultant!!

  7. brie draper

    It was great hearing how much you love Tupperware. I have loved Tupperware since I was a child and my mom showed me how I could bake a cake in the microwave :) good memories. I have recently started selling Tupperware because 1. I love Tupperware 2. Its a brand I trust and feel confident selling and 3. I really need to buy a vehicle.
    Let me know if I can help you with any Tupperware needs or if you want to have a party and get free Tupperware. Also email me your info (email and/or mailing address) so I can keep you posted on new deals

  8. Jodie Bohannon

    I am addicted to Tupperware! I live it, breathe it and so look forward to all the new specials each month! If you in alabama and need a hook up, I have tons!! Plus we can order it for you! Thanks for the great article!

  9. Michelle

    I requested a Tupperware bridal shower. It was almost better than my wedding day. I share your love of Tupperware.

        • Judith Holden

          Selling 18+yrs. Lov, lov Tupperware.
          I give all my family Tupperware for gifts.
          Dinner guests get a gift to take home. I spoil all my Brides especially if they hold a Tupperware Bridal Shower through me! My last Bridal Shower
          $1700+ free gifts was @ my home.
          I cleared out so much stock! Woohoo.
          Friends Birthday’s – Tupperware.
          Lov, Lov, Lov!

  10. Terri

    I also LOVE Tupperware! As I do vendor events and parties, it is fun to hear many people talk about their memories of Tupperware! It is truly an American tradition! :) Thanks for a great article!

  11. Jennifer

    I just received the pickle container!! It is the best thing ever!!! No more fishing for pickles or dunking your hand in!!!
    Love the Cake Takers Too! Lost my old one :( Just got a New One!!!
    Always looking for Recruits!! Think of the discounts and the Free Tupperware you can earn!!!!
    Go to my site today!!

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