Five [Awesome] Things I Read This (Last) Week, 6.01.2014


I know it’s already Sunday night, but it’s never too late to link you up to some fantastic reads from this past week.  H and I have been going N-O-N-S-T-O-P since Thursday at 5:15 p.m., enjoying a fantastic yet pretty exhausting weekend in DC.  We’re heading back to Chi-town first-thing tomorrow, with each of us going straight to our respective offices instead of heading home.  Whew!  I’ll be so happy to eat dinner and go to sleep in my own kitchen/bed tomorrow evening.  Until then, send good thoughts our way because staying focused and awesome tomorrow is going to be more of a challenge than normal.

  1. Phil Plait for Slate with #NotAllMen: How NOT to Derail Discussions of Women’s Issues.
  2. Karl Taro Greenfeld for the New York Times with Faking Cultural Literacy.
  3. Megan McArdle for Bloomberg View with Why Obama Can’t Fix the  VA.  (This is not a partisan piece.  It’s about how the government works.)
  4. Abby Norman at Accidental Devotional with On Hashtag Activism and My Own Dark Heart.
  5. Johnathan H. Adler at Volokh Conspiracy with You Don’t Start a Dialogue with FOIA Requests.

Finally, an honorable mention for my friend Anne’s Summer Reading Syllabus (you know, Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy) — this list looks fantastic!  I can’t wait to grab these from the Chicago Public Library this summer.


Hope you all had wonderful weekends too!  (Sorry this is so late.)


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