What I’m Into: May 2014

What I'm Into May 2014

Dear internet world, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer today to share what I was into in May:

TSA Pre-Check.

I love you.  Please never change.  Please always pick me every time forever.  That is all.

Comfort eating.  [Sad trombone.]

But seriously — traveling is really hard and I’ve fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon in a major way.  I’ve been resetting and feeling a lot better this past week and I expect that June will be full of vegetables and not going out for lunch every day.


Burger with egg, avocado, bacon, and cheddar.


Peach crisp hot from the oven.


Spreadsheets and labels. 

I’ve been costing things and calculating savings like it’s my job.  It is.  Doing math for America (loosely speaking) is terrifying yet exhilarating for this English major.  I’m using pivot charts and line graphs and pie charts and formulas and tables.  Each time I learn a new trick, I feel like I’ve conquered math and saved the world.

Also, Avery now has an online label design center that makes label-printing super cool!  Check it out for your next project.

Four-wheel drive luggage. 

Traveling is so much easier with rotating wheels on your luggage.  I have large and carry-on sized bags similar to these, and they are fantastic.


I spent two of the five May weekends in Nashville and, as much as I have whined about traveling, it was pretty dang awesome.  Tennessee is beautiful and I love being there because that’s where so many of my favorite people are.  I was so lucky to see one of my favorite college friends marry her special someone, I ate some delicious hamburgers with my very awesome wonderful friend and her husband and my parents, I made s’mores and burned sticks in the fire pit, and went fishing/reading in the Fish-and-Ski.  And I got to surprise my grandmother on Mother’s Day.  Win-win.


Getting a little sun on my feet while reading Peter Orner’s Love and Shame and Love.


City view from Love Circle in Nashville.

On Demand.

Specifically, HBO On Demand.  Have I told you already how much I loved/freaked out watching True Detective?  It is really awesome and you need to check it out.  It’s just scary/bloody enough to make you think without making you cringe.  Too much.  (For context, I can’t watch zombie movies but I can totally watch this.  It might be Matthew McConaughey though.)  Also, we’ve been watching Game of Thrones and Veep and I’m thinking I might re-watch The Wire.  HBO On Demand is the best ever.


Have you known about Dryel all this time and not told me about it?  My life is seriously changed from this new addition.  Dryel is a zip-up bag and cleaning cloth that allows you to launder sweaters, delicates, and DRY CLEAN ONLY!!! items in 30 minutes in your dryer.  It has saved me so much time.  Sure, my jeans and tops would be cleaner if I did actual laundry, but when you’re traveling a lot there just isn’t time to wash and air-dry your special items.  With Dryel, I can throw an outfit or two into the dryer while i shower and it will be fresh and good-smelling by the time I’m ready to get dressed.  Dryel has been keeping me clothed during my crazy May.


I’m still learning, and it’s a bit harder than using wordpress.com to host my blog, but I can already see why everyone raves about the ownership and autonomy you gain when you move to self-hosting.  I’m interested in learning CSS but I want to learn it in one Saturday morning so if you have any resources for a crash-course please send them over.


Well, that’s what was I’m into during May.  And probably a whole lot more, but I think we’re probably at capacity here!  Thanks for sticking with me during this crazy month, and Happy Summer!  Thank goodness it’s finally warming up.

So tell me, what were you in May? 



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