Hotel Living: What I’ve Been Eating

I’ve been living in a hotel for the last ten days, and thought I’d share a little about how I’m doing that.  I always love reading those sorts of things from other bloggers.

I’m very lucky to have found a hotel with a kitchen (two burners and a full-size refrigerator) instead of just a mini-fridge and a microwave.  If you’re ever dealing with long-term hotel stays, I absolutely recommend a similar set-up.  It is the best.

When I arrived last Sunday, my flight had been delayed three hours and I was exhausted.  So, CVS was my grocery supplier.  I picked up a half-gallon of milk (still barely used), a carton of half-and-half for coffee (barely used, but WORTH IT), a box of multi-grain cheerios (barely eaten, but they were on sale), a box of knock-off whole wheat crackers and a container of Sabra hummus.  I didn’t love any of these items, but they were essential in getting me through my first few days in the new job — particularly since I was way too exhausted to think about shopping for groceries on Monday evening after my first day.

Monday evening I grabbed Thai take-out and a six-pack of beer.  (Classy, I know.)  That Thai food fed me for three straight evenings (and the six-pack is still going strong in the fridge, right by that nearly-full half-gallon of milk).  With dinner plans Thursday and Friday, I made it until Saturday afternoon without purchasing additional rations.

I had brunch with a friend on Saturday morning.  It was beautiful, and we ate on the back-patio at Kramerbooks.  I walked her to the metro and then sauntered over to the Logan Circle Whole Foods to do a little grocery shopping.  After purchasing my lunch all week last week, I really needed to eat a little healthier this week.  I could only purchase what I could carry, and wanted to spend as little money as I could while still eating healthy this past week.  Here’s what I purchased:

  • The basics:  olive oil, salt, and pepper
  • A package of quinoa (easier to cook than rice, in my opinion)
  • 4 nectarines
  • A pint of blueberries
  • 2 avocados
  • A pint of cherry tomatoes
  • 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • A large container of pre-cut stir-fry veggies (broccoli, onion, peppers, etc.)
  • Citrus:  1 lemon and 1 lime
  • Whole Foods’ brand soy-ginger sauce (15 calories per tablespoon and pretty good-tasting)
  • Two fage yogurts, honey flavor (the best flavor that exists)
  • 1 package of Ezekiel  4:9 cinnamon-raisin bread
  • 6 individual servings of Justin’s Almond Butter (80 calories per package)
  • One microwavable packet of brown rice (I hate cooking rice)

All of this together wound up costing about 80 dollars.  But, it was Whole Foods, not Safeway, so I still think that was a pretty okay deal.  It was probably $12 just for the olive oil, salt, and pepper alone.  Here’s how I used the ingredients:

  • I ate a slice of cinnamon-raisin toast with almond butter for breakfast each day, along with a large handful of blueberries and a yogurt (until they were gone.  Then, same thing without yogurt.)  I also had coffee.  Obviously.
  • I made a quinoa salad with quinoa, cherry tomatoes cut in half, one avocado in small pieces, juice of the full lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper, which I ate for dinner Sunday as well as took to work for lunch Monday and Tuesday.  It was a great work lunch because there was no need to reheat.  Nectarines were for lunches too.
  • Stir fry with brown rice, veggies, chicken, and soy-ginger sauce was dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights.
  • To finish off the leftovers, tonight I cooked up sliced chicken breast with quinoa, veggies, and avocado to take for lunch on Thursday and Friday at work.  I’ll squirt the juice of the lime over the top of the avocado once I cut it so it stays green.

I plan to take my olive oil, salt and pepper, and cinnamon-raisin bread to work on Friday and leave it at my desk so I don’t have to purchase them again.  I’ll leave the half-and-half in the office refrigerator too.  Otherwise, I need to finish everything off tonight or tomorrow night and throw out the rest.  I’ll start again next Sunday when I check back into my hotel.

Any tips from your own hotel-living adventures? 



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