Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 6.22.2014


I missed last week’s posting so this week I have WAY MORE than five links for you.  If I read it and I thought it was interesting, or challenging, or for whatever reason saved it for you over the past fifteen days, I’m posting it here for you.  Get excited.

From the Washington Post Magazine, Gene Weingarten with Fatal Distraction: Forgetting a Child in the Backseat of a Car is a Horrible Mistake.  Is it a Crime?

From D.L Mayfield for Christ and Pop Culture Magazine, Women, Infants, Children: WIC Vouchers, Whole Foods, and the Oppressed.

From Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Rachel Strugatz and David Yi with Incomes Keep Soaring for Fashion’s Top Bloggers.  And this response from Erin Gates at Elements of Style.

From Hannah Paasch at A Jesus Gypsy, with Physical Compatibility Is A Thing.

Dana Milbank from the Washington Post wrote about a Heritage Foundation event where panelists taunted a Muslim graduate student in attendance.  The gracious student, Saba Ahmed, wrote about her experience at the event here.

Ben Moberg for Deeper Story with Tone Policing the “Culture Wars”.

Should Christians Support Reparations for African-Americans?, a guest post by Amy Julia Baker for Thin Places (at Christianity Today).

From The New Inquiry, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano with You’re Right, I Didn’t Eat That.

Janne Robinson for Elephant Journal with Why I Give a Damn about #yesallwomen. {Adult Content}.

Belle at Cap Hill Style with Styling a Navy Cardigan, with a closed second of Four Ways to Style a Navy Sheath.  I basically want every single item pictured here.  It’s like she can read my fashion mind/heart.  If you want to order it all for me and need my sizes just ask.)

Beth Morey writing about her Perfectly Imperfect Book Launch.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary with Blogger Trips Make (Dollars &) Sense.

Kristen at Wordgazer’s Words writing about rape with We Still Just Don’t Get It.

And to wrap us up, a recipe that really makes me miss having an oven:  Deb from Smitten Kitchen with the recipe for Valerie’s French Chocolate Cake.

These last few weeks have been kind of weird in real life, so I imagine the blog has been a little weird as well.  Things won’t be any more normal in real life for another month or two, but I’ll try to bring this space back to a new normal this week.  Thanks for sticking with me.




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