Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 7.4.2014

Happy Fourth of July, my friends!  Here are some reads for you.  But if you don’t feel like reading something on the internet, you could also check out, like, the Federalist Papers, or the Bill of Rights, or maybe read that book 1776.  Here at the pink-briefcase, we love America.  And we are fishing and barbequing and enjoying time with family in Michigan today.


Soraya Chemaly for the Huffington Post with 10 Words Every Girl Should Learn.  Full disclosure: I have a big mouth on all work-related things and I’m typically the interrupter.  But I still find this article incredible.

Penelope Trunk with How to Choose Between Two Jobs.  This is not really a how-to post but I just love it.

On Hobby Lobby Boycotts: Megan McArdle with Hobby Lobby Boycotters not Crafty Enough to Win.  (I’m not quite ready to talk about this case yet. But I do still love HL’s half-priced frame sales.)

On The Origins of America: Randy Barnett for the Volokh Conspiracy with The Annotated Declaration of Independence. (Nerd alert.)

On summer clothing: Jenny Trout with I Wore A Bikini and Nothing Happened.


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