Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 8.23.2014

Five Things New

It’s been a long time, my friends.  I have SO MANY links that I’ve saved to share here, but let’s start with five.  Because that’s the way this works, right?  Right.

  1. Justice for Michael Brown Rests Almost Entirely in the Hands of One Man, by Professor Angela J. Davis for The New Republic.  Also, Greg Howard with America is Not for Black People; Men without a Country: Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, My Father and Me, by Arthur Chu; Austin Channing in Black Bodies White Souls.   (Okay, so clearly we are going to have more than five links.)
  2. How to Be a Good Dinner Guest, at Dinner: A Love Story.
  3. We Need to Talk More about Melinda Gates, at Penelope Trunk Blog.
  4. Carpe the Hell out of your Diem, by Caris Adel.  Also, Nish Wieseth in Thoughts on Depression, Suicide, and Being a Christian.
  5. 45 Ways to Avoid Using the Word “Very”, from Amanda Patterson at Writers Write.




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