This is not about Back to School

It’s Wednesday and I’m headed to work and my Feedly is full of mommy bloggers and not-usually-about-motherhood bloggers talking about sending their kids back to school, or sending their kids to school for the very first time. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate these situations. I love my friends who have kids and I often even love their kids. I like the BTS photos on Facebook, sometimes leave comments, and even said a little prayer for a few young ladies I am especially fond of.

But seriously, internet, I need a little variety in my morning commute. For any of you out there looking for something different, this is for you:

1. It is hot today in Chicago.
2. I just walked past Garrett’s Popcorn without purchasing anything. Huge personal accomplishment.
3. Today I am wearing a dress from Ann Taylor. It is navy, tan, and white with a zipper down the front. To be honest, I could do without the zipper.
4. I mean really, what is it with fashion zippers? They are not as good-looking as everyone thinks.
5. My office in Chicago has a really fantastic view of the city and Lake Michigan but it is so hot all the time that I have to keep the blinds tightly shut to keep the sun out. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the view.
6. I am really terrible at wearing shoes. Matching shoes that I own to outfits that I own is very difficult for me. It’s a daily struggle.
7. At work, I keep one pair of nude pumps at my desk and I wear them every day. And I get compliments on them almost every day. For the first two years, I wore a nude pump from Nine West with a fake snakeskin pattern. For the last 18 months, I’ve been rocking Anne Klein pumps with a shiny patent pointy toe and a matte everything else. And a stranger said “Hey I like your shoes” to me last Thursday at lunch. In six months these will probably be worn out and I’ll need a new pair.
8. I’m starting to feel silly now but I want to get to a solid ten items before posting this ridiculous list.
9. We are almost finished re-doing the guest room in our condo and now we are starting to hate every other room for not looking as good as the guest room.
10. I don’t have to fly back to DC for 11 straight days from today and I am so excited! That puts me home for a solid 16.5 days, which honestly feels like 100 days after the last few months.

Have a great day!



    • Mary Beth

      Maybe! They didn’t have a platform though — just a regular 3″ or so heel, so they might be slightly different. Nine West shoes are hit or miss but those pumps were a hit big time!

  1. coffeesnob318

    Heh. Very attention-grabbing title. I actually said, “OH, THANK GOD,” when I saw it pop up in my email. I mean, I appreciate the BTS stuff, too. But I’m living it; I don’t need to read about it.

    I have thought about keeping nice shoes at my desk. Then I could wear the cute shoes that aren’t practical for walking. *plots*

    • Mary Beth

      The only thing is to remember to keep at least one pair at home for Sundays. I mean, if you wear nice shoes to church on Sundays. Sometimes I forget and leave all my nice shoes at work and that is awkward.

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