Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 09.13.2014

Five Things New

Hi!  This week — it was a killer.  I’m not sure how I made it to Thursday evening, but somehow I did.  I’ve been crashing and pulling things back together since Friday morning, and still have a bit of laundry and packing to do (a quick three day/two-night trip to DC starts tomorrow around 1 . . . ) but I’m feeling better.  I have fewer awesome things to share with you this week than normal, since I spent my little down time with my nose in this 850 page paperback (I only have 75 or so pages left but I’m a little bored with it now so I haven’t finished.  Funny how things turn out, eh?), but there are still some pretty great things out there I want to share:

1.  This is the nerdiest and best thing I’ve read in a while: it’s about statistics, theology, liberals and conservatives and spreadsheets.  Seriously.  It starts out a bit slow but keep working because it is beautiful at the end.

2. Check out this good advice about confidence and professionalism and faking it until you make it.

3.  The internet world has been talking about civility in discourse and I have been listening, but I’m not quite ready to articulate what I think yet.  I absolutely hate yelling.  I think it ends conversations.  But, when powerful people in a conversation start yelling at weaker people, I turn up my own volume quickly.  I really appreciated these comments about this issue.

4. If you love long-form journalistic storytelling, don’t miss this piece in the New York Times Magazine on the women of West Point.  I’m still working through all of it but it is beautiful.

5.  And, if you’re a planner/dreamer/person-who-lives-on-the-future like I am, you might enjoy this interview about finding happiness and living in the moments of your life.  It is certainly something to think about.


That’s it!  And, in case you’re needing a little pick-me-up today (I certainly am), this is for you.


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