What I’m Into: September 2014

What I’m Reading

Outlander (I’ve finished the first and started the second but hit a bit of a blah-wall).

On Writing Well.

Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor (moving slowly through this one but it is g-o-o-d).

What I’m Watching

Outlander on Starz (it started my book obsession and really is a great watch).

Fall premieres:  Parenthood, The Mindy Project, Nashville, Scandal.  September is a great month for television!

I’ve mostly avoided Netflix this month (success) and we watched The Other Woman.  I liked it okay.

What I’m Doing in Chicago


Visiting Oz Park and the Chicago Zoo.


Attending baseball games (Go Cubs!) and enjoying summer weather.

What I’m Eating


Sweet potato hash with a poached egg.

Shmear-ing spicy cranberry sauce on everything I can.



Korean fried chicken and bibimbap at Crisp in Lakeview.


The ultimate comfort soup at XOCO in Near North Side.

We also had late-night cocktails at The Violet Hour (and I tried very hard to stay awake but was not incredibly successful).

What I’m Loving

Wearing blouses.  I told you on Facebook that I’d missed out of blouses for the first 27 years of my life and that during this 28th year, I’m wearing them as much as I can.  But, matching them with pants and shoes is still a struggle.

Hand lettering and other beautiful things.  I’m basically obsessed with Andrea Levendusky. (UPDATE: for some blog spam reasons, I’ve had to remove this hyperlink — just google her!)

Dreaming-up alternative careers:  professor, writer, researcher, gossip columnist, ethicist, senator, baker, coffee-shop owner . . .

What I’ve Been Writing

On Reconciliation: My Story

On Why I Love September

On Why I Don’t Have “Guilty” Pleasures


So, what about you?  Was your September awesome? If you’re looking for cool things to read, watch, or otherwise know about, be sure to head over to Leigh Kramer’s link-up so you can tour the favorite things of some of the best lady-bloggers on the web.




  1. Jamie Wright Bagley

    There are still so many things I don’t know about Chicago. Especially where food is concerned. I’m so hungry now! :)

  2. Caris Adel (@CarisAdel)

    The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor – ohhhh. You need to say more about this. Sounds amazing and up my alley.

    I think you should be a gossip columnist who’s also an ethicist, hahaha! I’ve never heard of Oz park – kind of sad I never saw it.

    And I love that you post pics of what you’re eating.

    • Mary Beth

      Haha eating is always one of my favorite parts of the month! I’m enjoying the book but it is dense so it is hard for me to make significant progress through it. I’ve been working on it since July. I have a blog post brewing about my early takeaways and when I work on it I’m always thinking of you and your work.

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