Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 10.10.2014

Five Things New

 Five Awesome Links

Are you Really Going to Wait until it Hurts?, by Jennifer Gresham.  [Side note: I seriously think this way about going to the doctor ALL THE TIME.  I need to read this every day until I get new contacts. . . ]

What Success Looks Like at 20, 30, by Penelope Trunk.

Two great posts on owning your anger to change the world:  THIS from Sarah Bessey and THIS from Glennon Melton.

Regular Exercise is Part of your Job, by Ron Friedman.  [Convicting!!]

Learning to Love Criticism, by Tara Mohr.

ALSO:  My friend Caris Adel is writing an excellent 31-days series on walking brave, and I really felt her passion for justice in this post where she teaches her children about structural racism and peer pressure and how important it is to stand up to power with M&Ms.  If I were going to be homeschooled, I’d want her to be my teacher.

Five Awesome Links for your Kitchen

Homemade Peach Mustard, by Lindsay at Love and Olive Oil.

Potage Parmentier (AKA Potato and Leek Soup) from Anne at A New Front-Page Sky.  [Anne is also doing 31-days in the kitchen so I’m following along her journey.]

Pumpkin Tiramisu for Two, by Christina Lane at Dessert for Two.

Fall Cookbooks, at A Cozy Kitchen.

And . . . greatest link of the DECADE . . . How to Put Ryan Gosling On Your Cake.

This post is number 10 of my #write31days project 31 Days in the Pink-Briefcase Kitchen. You can follow along with the series each day in October. An archive of posts is available here, or just click on that big button on the right sidebar.



  1. coffeesnob318

    How in the world did I consider my life complete before I knew how to put Ryan Gosling’s face on a cake? I wish I had a cake on which I could put his face right now. Actually, I just want cake. But even better if it looks like Ryan Gosling.

    • Mary Beth

      I know I’m still a week behind on those noodles, but I think a faces of history cake-off would be an excellent addition to Instagram. Maybe around President’s Day?!?!?!

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