A few family favorites

It’s Sunday and day 12 of October’s 31 Days in the Pink-Briefcase Kitchen series.  And before we go too much further, I wanted to take a few minutes to dig through the recipes and food stories I’ve previously shared.  Food prep (and food enjoyment!) is a pretty huge part of my living well adventure, so food is often wrapped up into what I share here on the PB.  Here are four favorite recipes from the blog archives:

John Besh’s Jambalaya

Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl)

Regular Cranberry Sauce (but I now prefer a delicious spicy version coming your way soon!)

Summer Quinoa Salad

If you’re searching for recipes here on the blog, there’s a tag #recipes that I use for tracking these things.  So, you should be able to click that tag and the headlines of every recipe post should pop up.

This post is number 12 of my #write31days project 31 Days in the Pink-Briefcase Kitchen. You can follow along with the series each day in October. An archive of posts is available here, or just click on that big button on the right sidebar.


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