Sunday Food Traditions

Growing up in a church staff family, Sundays were work days.  Our schedules varied from week to week, but on average they looked something like this:

9:15 Sunday School

10:45 Church

12:00 to 1:30 Lunch Invitations, Pot Luck Luncheons, Youth Group trips to CiCi’s, etc.

4:00 Choir

5:00 Discipleship Training

6:00 Church

7:00 to 8:30 Ice Cream Socials, Pot Luck Dinners, Youth Group Socials, etc.

Whew!  That’s a lot.  As a kid it felt totally normal but looking back I feel exhausted just thinking about it.  I have no idea how my parents did it for so many years.  When we did get home after these long days, we had a few traditional Sunday treats.  I remember watching Star Trek with my dad or one of those Sunday Night Movies they played on ABC and eating cheese toast.

I know what you are thinking: is this blog post really going to be about cheese toast?  And yes, yes it is. You’re welcome.

Cheese toast is warm and delicious and it fills you up!  My parents would make something called tomato and bacon sandwiches, but I have no idea what they are because this kid would NEVER eat something called a tomato sandwich.  On Sunday nights I ate cheese toast and chicken noodle soup and I LOVED IT.  Seriously, it’s a winner.  You can make it fancy if you want to, but I think this quick and easy method will please your heart, your wallet, and your stomach.

Kid-Friendly Cheese Toast


Here’s what you need:


Cheese (A block of cheddar or colby-jack will be great here)

Here’s what you do:

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Put two slices of bread per person on a cookie sheet and top with sliced cheese.  Go as thick as you’d like but I recommend about twice as thick as you’d slice for a sandwich.

Put the cheese on top of the bread slices.

Toast the bread and cheese in the oven until the cheese is bubbly and it looks beautiful.  Probably 3-5 minutes.  You may like it lighter or darker, so just follow your heart here.

Take it out, let it cool for a minute so you don’t burn the roof of your mouth, and enjoy!

My grown-up life does not require the hectic Sunday schedule of my childhood, but I still make cheese toast when I’m feeling lazy and want something warm and delicious to snack on.  I’ve also learned that my family isn’t the only one that had easy, relaxing food traditions on Sunday evenings.  My friend Abby makes popcorn for dinner on Sunday evenings, and other friends get Take-and-Bake pizzas from the neighborhood store or head to Whole Foods to graze the buffets.  Just like Birthday Cakes, Thanksgiving Turkeys, and Christmas Hams, low-maintenance food traditions make great memories too.

What about you?  What are your Sunday evening traditions? 

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  1. Jamie

    Sunday evening is our official family movie night. We have popcorn and hot cocoa in the cooler months and switch out the cocoa for root beer floats in the warmer months.

    • Mary Beth

      Root beer floats are so delicious and I always forget how much I like them. Weekly traditions like movie nights are such a good memory, I think. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Abby Norman

    My grandmother used to call these “cheese-toasties” and just the picture gives me comfort and reminds me of her. And popcorn for dinner even happens on the floor on a blanket so it is a picnic! And I don’t have to clean up the dining room table.

    • Mary Beth

      I LOVE the picnic idea — I think that makes it more special.

      Cheese toasties is a great name for this, and I’m glad to have triggered that memory! It’s funny, I haven’t made cheese toast in months — probably since last winter — but when I was sitting around thinking about what food is special for Sundays, it was the first thing that popped into my mind.

  3. Sarah Kerner

    Love it! I make something very similar with tortillas and cheese in the toaster over. (And as a pastor’s wife, your Sunday schedule looks VERY familiar. Although no one’s inviting us over/out to lunch. Hmm…)

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