Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 6.14.2015

Better late than never, said kids receiving graduation checks from their older adult cousins (sorry kiddo, it’s coming) and, hopefully, Pink-Briefcase blog readers!


blog photo five things

This week was excellent.  We had surprise dinner guests, relatively good weather, and lots of quality time with Winston.  Speaking of Winston, he’s started climbing up the walls more ferociously than normal and chewing on the sofa (not just scratching, chewing).  I think it’s time for a puppy because he clearly needs someone to hide from all day.

This Week’s Top Reads:

  1. A little perspective from a literary giant with Things to Worry About from F. Scott Fitzgerald.  (Also, can we talk about stupid humor here for one second?  Did you guys see that Ted 2 preview where the talking teddy bear is like “Eff Scott Fitzgerald? What did Scott Fitzgerald ever do to you?”  I will hopefully never see that movie but this preview cracked me up!)
  2. Micah J. Murray has been speaking to me this week.  I normally roll my eyes at religious posts or sappy things but really loved this religious post and this sappy love post.  And probably neither of them are exactly what you think.  (Well done, sir.)
  3. TOP READ OF THE WEEK:  My friend Abby Norman with When Your Pants and Your Life Don’t Fit.
  4. Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs. Darcy writing about supporting our friends mourning a loss.
  5. And since I feel like I’ve been in this in-between space for, well, maybe a few years now (growing up is hard!), I really appreciated these words from Jennifer Louden in How to Take Care of Yourself when Everything is Up in the Air.

Oh, and also?  I’m making this for H next weekend and this for the next bridal shower I host.

Did you read anything awesome this week?  Link me up!


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