What I’m Into: April 2017

april 2017

Wow.  I can hardly believe that today is May 1, 2017.  This year is flying by.  I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and sharing a few highlights from the month of April!

The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood.

The Handmaid’s Tale was published in 1985 but I had never heard of it until it was recommended to me earlier this year by my friend (and English professor) Katherine, who always gives great book recommendations.  I think she knew that this book was being remade into a television series for HULU and she was looking out for me, trying to keep me culturally relevant.  I was leaving a party at her house, and she had two copies sitting out on the table, and she gave me one copy and another mutual friend the second copy and said IT WAS NECESSARY that we read each this book.  So, a pretty strong recommendation.

[Also, I feel like it is important to clarify that by “party”, I mean six people eating snacks and watching the Super Bowl, not an actual party like young people go to.  Solidly in my 30s now.]

I just finished reading it yesterday morning, and I have SO MANY FEELINGS.  It was so REAL and also so completely INSANE and while I cannot wait to watch the show, I am also a little scared that it may be harder to watch than it was to read.  I highly recommend that you join me on this bandwagon that I did not know I was on.

The Cherry Blossom 5K.


For the second year in a row, H and I ran in the Cherry Blossom 5K.  Last year was my first-ever race, and this was my second-ever race, with the main difference between the two being that this year I had the flu and did not train.  Like, I did not run a single time in the year 2017 before the race.  (I had been biking though.)  However, the weather was FANTASTIC and it was a perfect day to run, and I finished in only one minute longer than last year’s race time.  I find that pretty impressive even if other people finished twice as fast as I did.  After the race we went here for brunch, which was only mediocre to be honest.

Gold Birks.

Mayari Birks Antique Lace

It is finally sandal weather here in DC and I have been rocking my gold birks every weekend (except for when it is raining).  I purchased these sandals last year before our two-week trip to France because I needed something that would be easy to walk in but still look cute with summer dresses.  I do not think it is an overstatement to say that these shoes saved me on that trip!  We were walking 30,000 to 35,000 steps a day in Paris, Dijon, etc. and these sandals did not let me down.  They are casual and comfortable, but I still feel like they are just a little special.  I also received a compliment from a stranger on them at the grocery store today.  They were a pretty big investment for me, as I’m not generally one to spend a lot on shoes, but I think they were totally worth the price.  (FYI, I usually wear a size 9 but for this sandal I bought the 8-8.5.)

OPI Toucan Do It If You Try.

I have reached the stage in life where I like to have one (and honestly, only one) color of nail polish that I wear all of the time, and that color is: bright coral.  It’s good for my skin tone.  Anything bluish gives me zombie feet, and after a few mishaps trying to be on-trend I just wear coral.  My true favorite is called Can’t Afjord Not To but this Toucan coral is basically the same and I only wear it.  It looks cute with my shiny gold birks.


We have developed a new appreciation for the great state of Delaware this month.  At the beginning of the month, we spent a surprise beach weekend at Bethany Beach in our landlord’s unexpectedly vacant beach house (see dock photo above).  It was still pretty chilly that weekend, so we kept the fire blazing, bundled up in sweaters, drank whiskey and played the train game with friends.  We made these waffles (delicious), walked the beach, ate at this restaurant and it was all-around fabulous.

Then, this past weekend we traveled to Newark, Delaware to attend the University of Delaware’s Agriculture Day 2017.  We participated in scientific research about dairy products and lawn equipment, which earned us enough cash to buy tomato and basil plants, a little handmade pottery, and plenty of UDairy ice cream (I had the 1st State Cobbler).  AND THERE WERE BABY ANIMALS.


April 2017 was a generally fantastic month!  Unmentioned above, but we also had a lovely Easter, and I hope you did too.  One quick addition:  if you love beer and you love coffee and you haven’t tried the Shiner Birthday Beer cold brew collaboration beer, I highly recommend finding it before it is gone.

Here’s to a fabulous May (ah it’s May Day // The Handmaid’s Tale // What does it mean???)!



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