Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 5.05.2017

It is raining cats and dogs here in DC today.  Here are a few links for your reading enjoyment:

(It’s Great to) Suck at Something, from the New York Times.

Writing Female Characters is Easy by Dan Klein for McSweeney’s.  Also for McSweeney’s:  Kaya York with If People Talked about Other Things the Way they Talk about Gender Identity.

My First Year with the Bullet Journal by Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy (I am trying this out and have been for about one week, but so far I have the urge to start all over and do everything perfectly.  Will keep you posted as I settle into this.)

If You’re Not Getting Interviews, Here’s How to Fix your Resume and Cover Letter, from Alison Green at Ask A Manager.  This is a fountain of resources to bookmark for future job searches.

I also really enjoyed this interview with Tasha Eurich, who recently released Insight, a book about finding greater self-awareness.  Adding this book to my reading list because it sounds fascinating.

Okay, that’s all for today.  Have a great weekend!




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